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And we’re back!!!

Well folks, it’s game on again back at Ted Reeve Centre for Performing Arts – where the Blues opened their new campaign with a dominant victory over the mighty Reds last Friday.

A mid-season performance by Kellerd Boyes backstopped an explosive offense, and championed a explosive chicken-wing massacre to finish the night. When asked ‘what did you do with your off-season’ – a few blues had this to offer:

“I tried to keep doing the same thing I always do, keeping my in-season eating and storytelling identical, right down to the same stories, at the same time, every day” – Mike Sullivan

“Wait….summer is over and I missed it?!” – Howie

“I tried to make sure that everyone knew who won the scoring title, and replay every goal – starting with my childhood back in Calgary….” – Sweep

“Are we getting more chicken wings?” – Kellerd Boyes

So after a strong start to the season, the Blues will look to keep the momentum going this Friday vs. the Blacks (featuring JP File). 8pm @ Ted Reeve Spherical Centre for the Spherical puck.

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Boom! We have a league leader

Well on top of the news that the Blues are undefeated in the post season, the folks at BBC Hockey central statistics finally added up the season totals, and have announced our very own Brian ‘Sweep’ McGinnis as the Art Ross trophy winner – presented to the leading scorer of the league.

Sweep finished the season declaring:
‘Boom – that’s a goal’ a total of 21 times
‘Oops i lost the puck but at least he scored ’24 times’
‘I’m from Calgary’ – a total of 14,233 times

Our very own male model

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Second Season

Well the exhibition games have come to a close, and tonight the Blues will entertain the Golds in the first match of the Balmy Beach round-robin championship. (For those of you who are new to the internet, on the right side of the screen you will see the schedule of gametimes – if it says 6pm – that means 6pm/18:00hrs – 7pm=7pm/19:00hrs and so on…)

Word just came in that the last man to avoid the internet has now been on it. Someone’s getting a new VCR soon I bet….

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Long Time Coming…

Well, welcome to 2008, or more specifically, February of 2008…let’s jump to the most recent news, in the interest of time, I’m just going to cut to the highlights:

– Blues open the month with a 7-0 win over the greens

– Blues, hot on the heels of a big win, host the most magnificent italian feast the club has ever seen

– Some players from all teams (including some greens, who had just lost) came by to support the club, and the tremendous effort by all who helped out

– The Blues (who had just won 7-0) served up a terrific spread of canelloni, garlic bread, chicken parmesan and ceasar salad.

– PG was absent for yet another game (and missed a chance to celebrate a win over the greens)

– Emo wanted to know who won – well Emo, Blues won over the greens

– 7 different blues scored the goals in the game, although 3 of the different people were ronnie.

And that’s the news…..Thanks to all who helped out in getting the Friday event organized and pulled off smoothly, it was a great showing, and terrific evening.

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