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And we start again…

What’s old is new again, as the Blues start strong in the 09/10 campaign – following their sweeping (no pun intended) success of 08/09.

2 Wins to open the campaign shows they somehow were able to remain in peak physical condition, even though most players experimented with the ‘no-excercise, all chicken-wing’ summer diet.

The season opener saw the blacks with a much depleted squad (nice draft pick, he takes away all your players) fall victim to the explosive Blues offense….and last week the lowly whites had to try and create a scene in a bar….since that was the only time they could get close enough to touch a Blue…like school in the summer….no class….

A classic thanksgiving matchup this week as the Blues will face-off with the Greens, fresh off an exciting draft that saw them add some youth….(well as exciting as the draft can be)….

It’s a new season, tickets still available…..

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Blues Win!! Champions again.

The BBC Blues completed their dominance of the league on Friday, adding Playoff champions to their regular season champions award. 

The 3-2 overtime victory over the reds was the final piece to an already stellar season for the Blues – which started with a near perfect record through the first half of the season.  Last nights victory was a clear result of the defensive system the Blues employed through most of the post-season.   The team discipline and effort was matched through the game by the Reds, who were not without opportunity, testing the goaltending of Kellerd Boyes numerous times.

The game was highlighted with a magnificent tying goal in the third by Chappy Chap Chap Chap Chap Chap……and a thrilling breakaway goal by Mike ‘You can’t catch me now’ Azulay…..


Your 2008/2009 League Champion and 2008/2009 Playoff Champion Blues:

J. Thompson
K. Boyes
S. Howe
S. Wagner
M. DeLisle
J. McNeil
P. Graham
J. McCudden
M. Azulay
J. Holland
B. McGinnis
M. Deffett
M. Sullivan
C. McPherson
M. Scanlon
J.P. Cormier
P. Chapman
M. McCauley

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Back in the show

After a one year absence from the finals, the Blues have found their way back after a triumphant 1-1 tie last week to secure their berth.

This years opponent is the Mighty Reds – hoping to capture their first title since they last won it.

Puck drops at 7:15.  Beer in the lounge (that note isn’t for the players).  Tickets selling quick – don’t delay!  We’ll see you the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge.

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We Remember


Three years ago November 11th, the Blues lost a family member, a friend and their leader.

We miss you Jocko.





The Blues are off to the best start in years – defeating the blacks last Friday, to extend their season opening streak to 7 wins – 7 more losses and they’ll be able to secure a .500 record.

Thanks once again to Julian for the beer, to Kellerd for the saves, and to Sully for shooting ’em up…

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