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Long Time Coming…

Well, welcome to 2008, or more specifically, February of 2008…let’s jump to the most recent news, in the interest of time, I’m just going to cut to the highlights:

– Blues open the month with a 7-0 win over the greens

– Blues, hot on the heels of a big win, host the most magnificent italian feast the club has ever seen

– Some players from all teams (including some greens, who had just lost) came by to support the club, and the tremendous effort by all who helped out

– The Blues (who had just won 7-0) served up a terrific spread of canelloni, garlic bread, chicken parmesan and ceasar salad.

– PG was absent for yet another game (and missed a chance to celebrate a win over the greens)

– Emo wanted to know who won – well Emo, Blues won over the greens

– 7 different blues scored the goals in the game, although 3 of the different people were ronnie.

And that’s the news…..Thanks to all who helped out in getting the Friday event organized and pulled off smoothly, it was a great showing, and terrific evening.

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Happy New Years – Blues style / Pittsburgh 2.0

Well the Blues dominated an aging green team last Friday – posting a 5-1 victory with only 2/3rds of a roster. To add insult, the additional week layoff means that the Blues have 14 days to celebrate the victory, while the greens have to wait the two weeks before getting a chance to spear anyone again.

In other news – mark down February 2nd on your calendar – Tickets are being confirmed this week, but it looks like Pittsburgh 2.0 is going to be that date. Similar to last year, although with better seating (section B20 for anyone wanting to look at a map) – there are currently 21 seats remaining, due to the limited time to sell out, I am not specifically holding on to any for anyone. A deposit of $150 is required to secure your spot. Final pricing will depend on your hotel arrangements – if you have 4 people in your room, it’s $265, $300 for 2 people in a room. Price will include bus travel, ticket to the game, and hotel. Best hockey trip of your life: priceless…

Once I have confirmed tickets in hand this week, I will be actively pushing to fill the seats, so don’t delay in getting your deposits in…

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White Christmas, Green Christmas – how about a Blue Christmas?

The Blues will be looking to rebound from a devestating loss last friday eve at the hands of the whites. Some quotes following the game, when the players were asked “What exactly happened to let the whites dominate so much of the game, and hand the Blues yet another loss”:

“I don’t know why guys just don’t get the puck out….and then shoot on net…just shoot on net” – Kellerd Boyes

“I think we had some penalty problems, I may have been a little too agressive, using my stick like it was an old oak tree – speaking of old oak trees…” – Chris McPherson

“F’n Refs” – Sweep

“Shoot ’em up” – Sully

“If I wasn’t such a big-time producer, I would play on Friday’s, likely stick someone, and while serving my penalty, rally the team through verbal instruction, and we could have won.” – PG

“Matt’s not gay” – Emo

Well said boys, well said – this week it’s the green slime, just in time to spread their usual holiday cheer – if by ‘holiday cheer’ you mean ‘whining and griping’…

Green Slime

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


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The call heard round the globe



Sweeper looks on in amazement as yet another Blues goal is called back last Friday

The Blues, world leaders in having goals called back again fell victim last Friday to referee interaction (who as we all know is the largest opponent to the Blues). A 6-4 loss at the hands of the Blacks has left the Blues barely holding on to a playoff spot.

This week it’s the rugby whites, complete with their elephant named Shep. Puck drops at 8pm.


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