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Week 8 – make it great…

Well, an off and on start to the season leave the blues hunting for a playoff spot (although I for one am optimistic that they will easily secure a spot come March). Let’s take a moment to recognize some of the accomplishments of the individual players so far this season:

#1 – Kellerd Boyes – has managed to consistently show up to the bar, even though he’s living in his mothers basement – perhaps taking advise from Sully on how to create the perfect bar/living back with your mom balance

#2 – PG – has managed to play in as many games this year as most of last year, and who can match the coaching wisdom that is passed on to me personally via text message – such genius inspiration such as (and I quote): ‘what the hell?’

#3 – Howie – not really sure why he’s on this list, but I know his Christmas party is coming up, and I read in a book once that it is extremely wise to be nice to people prior to showing up at their house and using their best cutlery to try and open your beer – so he’s on the list….

#4 – Ronnie Wright – for successfully completing no fewer then 9 spin-o-rama’s in every game he’s played in – we have him projected at finishing this season with over 250 spin-o-rama’s, if anyone can break Savard’s record, it’s Ronnie Wright

#5 – Mike Emo – for constantly bugging me to update the site, oh and for continuing to stay out west without any threat of putting on skates again…

Tonight it’s the whites, in as do-or-die a game as I can remember for the start of November in a means beer league where every team makes the playoffs. Puck drops at 7pm – get your tickets before they are all sold out.

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Giving Thanks….Fill ‘er up and Fore!

The Blues maintained the ‘crouching tiger’ part of their attack plan last Friday, dropping a 5-2 game to the Blacks.  As per previous seasons, the ‘crouching tiger’ can last as long as 4 months – which has everyone in great anticipation on when the Blues will actually commence their attack on the season standings.  Following the game, Sully showed everyone ‘hidden dragon’.

This week the Blues will meet up with the Rugby Whites, featuring new addition, and first overall draft choice John ‘Shep’pard (nice nickname Shep –  clearly Rugby players came up with that original one)…  The Blues have already made it clear they will protest the addition if a non-CSA-certified helmet is not worn by the rookie.

Also, this week the Fill Station has invited the Blues down, where they have promised a triumphant spread of food, in an effort to win our affection and business – aside from ‘beer’, I’d have to think ‘food’ would be the next greatest thing they could offer us.  So please plan on making us look good (and ensuring us more food) by heading down to the Fill station following the game.

Lastly, whose up for some Golf on Thanksgiving monday?  So far howie and myself are heading out…hopefully we can fill the foursome with some blues…(and not John Atillia – that’s right big man, don’t need your stinking 2-handicap skills out there)..

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All Setup

Well after a 5-5 tie last Friday vs. the Greens, the Blues continue to hold their destiny in hand for progressing to the finals. A spirited effort saw the Blues lose a 3-1 lead while posting almost an entire period of penalties in the 2nd – and 3 (count ’em 3) 5 on 3 power plays were awarded to the Greens – who can’t be happy to have squandered that much power-play time with little to show for it.

The Blues held a 5-4 lead until 40 seconds to go, when with the net vacated, the Greens outnumbered Blues in front of Kellerd, and scrambled in a tying goal. This followed a near empty-net goal, which just missed by a margin of inches, causing a face off back in the Blues end. With under 20 seconds left, Kelly Boyes made a season saving stop point-blank on Nystrom of the Greens.

So, it appears that once again the Blues must rise to another can’t-lose contest next Friday vs. the Blacks – where most likely the winner will advance to the finals, and the loser will advance to the post-post-season (golfing). Since we all know this is Mike Emo’s last season, perhaps we can at least win this week, so we can enjoy one more night filled with complimentary Sleeman products and egg-nog (or is that not in season).

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Off to a start

Now that the games count, the Blues are finding their winning ways again, posting a 4-1 victory over the Golds to open the round-robin Playoff tournament last Friday.

Regular Season scoring sensation Sweeper ‘Brian’ McGinnis continued his dominance, notching 2 in the Blues victory, which notably marked the opening of Mike Emo’s last playoff run as a Blue. Mike ‘Top-Cop’ Deslisle notched the game winner, and Joe McNeil recorded the other Blues marker. Not since last playoffs have the Blues come off to such a strong start in the post-season.

As the NHL trade deadline looms, the Blues can only hope not to see any of their players picked up by the big-league clubs – rumors have Mike Emo as a possible replacement if Bertuzzi is to get moved – Mike would prove a more affordable, albeit slightly less skilled, ‘really-poor-man-like-i-mean-really-poor-like-eating-out-of-dumpster-poor-man’s’ Bertuzzi to the Canucks if required. As many teams around the NHL are looking for quality veteran goaltending, lest the Blues not be too under-protective of their key backup goaltender Brian McGinnis – an Ottawa franchise with an injured Hasek could be looking for someone with Brian’s playoff experience in net to take them to the promised land (Playoff record 0-1-0 9.00GAA, .050 SAV). The Blues need to retain their skill in order to continue their stellar start to the postseason.

For another day, the snow is falling….and that’s the report from the West.

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