Player Profile: #16 – ‘Foxy’ Joe McNeil

As the key factor in the recent Blues slump-breaking win, we thought we’d focus on slick-skating D-man ‘Foxy’ Joe McNeil this week. Joe was raised just outside of South-East Compton (California) – and brings his ultra-urban presence to the rink everynight. Often referred to as ‘J-Dogg’, or ‘Jam master J’ – because of inner-city roots – Joe is on most Friday nights, just one part of the ‘Generations McNeil’ team that haunt Ted Reeve Arena. ‘Generations McNeil’ – a small off-shoot from the Los Angeles ‘Crips’ gang – is made up of members of what he likes to call his ‘family’.

Joe’s style of play is often peppered with urban influence – his choppy skating stride was derived from running away from ‘the fuzz’ at a very young age – and his slick hands are a result of years of training to steal everything from food to electronics.

Joe’s recent 2 goal performance has made him the subject of much conversation back in his homestate of California:

“Fo Jizzle that Joey Bizzle” – Snoop Dogg

“Joe is so hot – I want to make a video with him.” – Paris Hilton

“Hey guys, check out these underwear” – Mike Sullivan

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  1. Scanner Says:

    Joe “Terry Fox” McNeil is quite the “rushin” Blue D-Man (not to be confused with D-Rock) dispite his handicap…living close to Sweeper. Must be the job change not to mention Dad, daughter and son are always present to cheer him on!!

    Good job JP, great win boys even though Silky blew a gasket in more ways than one. Up the Blues…see you Friday.

    P.S. a unidentified source advises me that “Tickle-me Emo” was spotted at the Club recently working on that Charles Atlas body in an attempt to throw away the shoulder pads by play-off time. Keep up the great work Emo!!

    Who’s PG??

  2. PG Says:

    Isn’t Joe’s Dad the former rapper “Big Daddy”

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