White Christmas, Green Christmas – how about a Blue Christmas?

The Blues will be looking to rebound from a devestating loss last friday eve at the hands of the whites. Some quotes following the game, when the players were asked “What exactly happened to let the whites dominate so much of the game, and hand the Blues yet another loss”:

“I don’t know why guys just don’t get the puck out….and then shoot on net…just shoot on net” – Kellerd Boyes

“I think we had some penalty problems, I may have been a little too agressive, using my stick like it was an old oak tree – speaking of old oak trees…” – Chris McPherson

“F’n Refs” – Sweep

“Shoot ’em up” – Sully

“If I wasn’t such a big-time producer, I would play on Friday’s, likely stick someone, and while serving my penalty, rally the team through verbal instruction, and we could have won.” – PG

“Matt’s not gay” – Emo

Well said boys, well said – this week it’s the green slime, just in time to spread their usual holiday cheer – if by ‘holiday cheer’ you mean ‘whining and griping’…

Green Slime

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


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  1. PG Says:

    Hi Boys, Good Luck tonight against the slime. Stuck in Seattle and wish I was there with ya. Have a Merry Christmas. Cheers PG

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