Long Time Coming…

Well, welcome to 2008, or more specifically, February of 2008…let’s jump to the most recent news, in the interest of time, I’m just going to cut to the highlights:

– Blues open the month with a 7-0 win over the greens

– Blues, hot on the heels of a big win, host the most magnificent italian feast the club has ever seen

– Some players from all teams (including some greens, who had just lost) came by to support the club, and the tremendous effort by all who helped out

– The Blues (who had just won 7-0) served up a terrific spread of canelloni, garlic bread, chicken parmesan and ceasar salad.

– PG was absent for yet another game (and missed a chance to celebrate a win over the greens)

– Emo wanted to know who won – well Emo, Blues won over the greens

– 7 different blues scored the goals in the game, although 3 of the different people were ronnie.

And that’s the news…..Thanks to all who helped out in getting the Friday event organized and pulled off smoothly, it was a great showing, and terrific evening.

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  1. Scanner Says:

    JP, thanks for this update. I, too, was going to write and thank all for not only a great showing but for helping make this the success it was. I’ve received a lot of “thank-you’s” at the Club since last Friday so once again, true Blue evening by all!! (pool player James was very much at home in the kitchen)

    Onto more important things; see you all this Friday at 7:00 against the Golds!! Hey PG and Big Johnny can duke it out at an arena other than the ACC. PG, where are you ??

    Up the Blues.

  2. Julianne Says:

    Is it too early to start talking about a perfect season…? Either way, winning sure beats losing! Long live the Blues!

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