Boom! We have a league leader

Well on top of the news that the Blues are undefeated in the post season, the folks at BBC Hockey central statistics finally added up the season totals, and have announced our very own Brian ‘Sweep’ McGinnis as the Art Ross trophy winner – presented to the leading scorer of the league.

Sweep finished the season declaring:
‘Boom – that’s a goal’ a total of 21 times
‘Oops i lost the puck but at least he scored ’24 times’
‘I’m from Calgary’ – a total of 14,233 times

Our very own male model

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  1. Brian McGinnis Says:

    I believe that I am far better looking than the photo indicates.

  2. Scanner Says:

    Great start to the playoffs guys. You’re the best!! Real fun time afterward at the “Station” and then for those that attended St. Patty’s Day at the Club on Saturday. Great Blues turnout.

    Bet ya PG would rather be with his beloved Blues than the ‘Tors. Always next year.

    Have an enjoyable Easter weekend with your families. Blacks up next March 28th at 8:00.

    Cheers boys.

  3. McCauley Says:

    Good job with the win against the Reds boys. I heard that our very own Sweep Willis, the leading scorer in the whole league and now a male model, got the Blues on the board … now that is consistency! See y’all on the 28th. Go Blues.

  4. nystee Says:

    first time on the blues site. very informative,great stats and info but i notice an anti-green tone to a lot of your summaries. i found out about your site yesterday when i found out that the “aging” greens soundly defeated you guys in by far the most crucial game of the year on friday night with the winner going to the championship game. probably because unlike the 7-0 game in late january when you guys were ecstatic to beat us without rick,earl,jeff,robin,cook,james,bruce,nystee and frank we had everybody there except me so i guess it’s a little harder to play us when we have most of our guys. i heard there wasn’t much “holiday cheer” or “whinning and griping” as you guys put it in the game and we didn’t have “2 weeks to spear anyone”, although i heard we had a few guys that got cut in the game from errant sticks and skates. strange considering we’re supposed to be the chippy ones. anyway, i think it’s fantastic that you have this website and especially an area for comments so people can have their have their opinions and comments. enjoy watching the game on friday. UP THE BLUES!

  5. Earl Saye Says:

    Glad to see the Green bashing page is in good form only I missed the entry week five after your game how did that go against the aging Greens see you in the snack bar hope you enjoy watching the finals UP THE BLUES

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