And we’re back!!!

Well folks, it’s game on again back at Ted Reeve Centre for Performing Arts – where the Blues opened their new campaign with a dominant victory over the mighty Reds last Friday.

A mid-season performance by Kellerd Boyes backstopped an explosive offense, and championed a explosive chicken-wing massacre to finish the night. When asked ‘what did you do with your off-season’ – a few blues had this to offer:

“I tried to keep doing the same thing I always do, keeping my in-season eating and storytelling identical, right down to the same stories, at the same time, every day” – Mike Sullivan

“Wait….summer is over and I missed it?!” – Howie

“I tried to make sure that everyone knew who won the scoring title, and replay every goal – starting with my childhood back in Calgary….” – Sweep

“Are we getting more chicken wings?” – Kellerd Boyes

So after a strong start to the season, the Blues will look to keep the momentum going this Friday vs. the Blacks (featuring JP File). 8pm @ Ted Reeve Spherical Centre for the Spherical puck.

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