What a start!

Not since the days of Mike Emo have the Blues jumped out to such a glorious start to the season. With a 3-1 win on Friday, the Blues find themselves with a string of three wins to open the 08/09 campaign. Or as Sully would say – finally they are .500 .

The game was spirited, with the Whites employing rugby like precision to their tackles – too bad you can’t kick a puck in the net. At one point, the numerous fans at the Ted Reeve Centre for the Developmentally Challenged got so out of hand the referees were forced to turn out the lights….when the lights came on some ten minutes later, all the fans had left.

First star of the game goes to Joe McNeil’s mouthguard – finally making a return to the lineup after a full season off – and not looking the least bit out of place – well at least no more out of place then any 1971 mouthguard would look in 2008.

Till next week….Up the Blues….and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Emo Says:

    Hey boys great start, even without me! Nice to see my “praying mantis prowess” lives on. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and give thanks that I’m not still playing!

    All the best from the West and of course, UP THE BLUES!

    Emo, your Western Winger

  2. Chappy Says:

    Nice to see Emo has some time left after his gigalo duties.
    Great to here the .500 streak continues, see you all next week. Have a great thanksgiving weekend.

  3. Scanner Says:

    Way to go guys, great win against the Whites Friday. Welcome back Joe. Who’s Mike Emo anyway??

    JP, what a wonderful new website. I’m sure this will throw off a lot of people as they learn to meander through it.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. We get the Greens this Friday at 6:00.

    See you then and have a good week.


  4. pg Says:

    Boys –
    Congrats on 3 and 0. Looking to be back in the lineup on Friday if I ever get
    out of Mexico. JP – great job on the new site

  5. JP Says:

    ummmm…4-0 PG

  6. pg Says:

    That’s what happens with beer and sun

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