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Three years ago November 11th, the Blues lost a family member, a friend and their leader.

We miss you Jocko.





The Blues are off to the best start in years – defeating the blacks last Friday, to extend their season opening streak to 7 wins – 7 more losses and they’ll be able to secure a .500 record.

Thanks once again to Julian for the beer, to Kellerd for the saves, and to Sully for shooting ’em up…

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  1. Kellerd Says:

    Great job, J.P. I’m wearing my #13 t-shirt and Sparkles’ hat. Up Jocko and up the Blues…

  2. Julian Says:

    I wish Jocko could see us now…I think he would enjoy seeing us at 7-0! Long live the Jocko Blues!

  3. Scanner Says:

    Wow, what a lovely reminder of a wonderful person and fellow team-mate. Yes, we miss him so and what a fitting way to remember “our” hero but on a day when we should be so thankful for what we’ve got in our lives.

    Fellow Blues, keep up the good work.

  4. chappy Says:

    It was always a hard day and Jocko’s passing does not make it any easier.
    Up The Blues and here is to week eight and holding on to our streak.

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