Blues Win!! Champions again.

The BBC Blues completed their dominance of the league on Friday, adding Playoff champions to their regular season champions award. 

The 3-2 overtime victory over the reds was the final piece to an already stellar season for the Blues – which started with a near perfect record through the first half of the season.  Last nights victory was a clear result of the defensive system the Blues employed through most of the post-season.   The team discipline and effort was matched through the game by the Reds, who were not without opportunity, testing the goaltending of Kellerd Boyes numerous times.

The game was highlighted with a magnificent tying goal in the third by Chappy Chap Chap Chap Chap Chap……and a thrilling breakaway goal by Mike ‘You can’t catch me now’ Azulay…..


Your 2008/2009 League Champion and 2008/2009 Playoff Champion Blues:

J. Thompson
K. Boyes
S. Howe
S. Wagner
M. DeLisle
J. McNeil
P. Graham
J. McCudden
M. Azulay
J. Holland
B. McGinnis
M. Deffett
M. Sullivan
C. McPherson
M. Scanlon
J.P. Cormier
P. Chapman
M. McCauley

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  1. Western Winger Says:

    BLUES, great win and CONGRATULATIONS! Just watched the overtime clip and I’m so proud of the effort, determination and stellar play to win your second title in 5 years! Awesome breakaway Mike, #62 never looked so good. Wish I could have been there for the celebrations. Beers are on me next time I’m back in Toronto.


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