Player Profile: #6 – Steve ‘Howsie, Howie’ Howe

One of the 2 rookies drafted to the Blues this year, Howsie/Howie has joined an already solid blueline core which includes 24 time all-star John ‘Jocko’ Thompson, Joe ‘The Fox’ McNeil and Matt (not Gay) Deffett. His self-claimed ‘5’ rating during draft day made him a ‘can’t-pass’ player, who has fit in to the ‘chaos-defense’ system that the Blues excercise.

On their new team-mate, the Blues had the following to say:

“I think his contributions are really noticeable in a game like the one we just played” – Scott Wagner after a 7-1 loss to the Greens.

“I could really use a new cell-phone, and I think that’s what Howie brings to the table every night – cell phones” – Julian Holland

“What’s not to respect about firemen” – Mike Sullivan

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  1. Scanner Says:

    I think the Blues “Howie” is MIA. Apparently, the Beaches Historical Society recently excavated Joe McNuts backyard in search of relics suitable for the 100th BBC Anniversary and he fell in trying to maintain squaters rights. Where are you Steve??

  2. J.D. L'Estrange Says:

    whay all the pics of Ron Wright in the 07′ dressing room?
    Not one of ‘shoot em’ up’ OR!Mike the ‘Cop’ Who’s the photog, Sweep?

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