Player Profile: #24 – Chris ‘Tugger’ McPherson

Chris’ physical play is recognizable both on and off the ice – keeping more then just his opponents on the defense at all times. It is rumored that his anger is actually a result of 4 years of improper medication – erroneously prescribed by a Malaysian doctor in an effort to combat a rare strain of sick-cell enemia. As one of the side effects, his internal ‘rage-control’ system is disabled. His perserverance on the ice has not gone un-noticed by opposition this year:

“Chris is like ‘PG-light’ – but that still makes for an angry ball of hate” – Un-named Black (but he’s a french d-man)

“I don’t like the way he plays – I think it’s dirty, cheap, and a reckless style that is just going to cause one of our NHL-bound players an injury” – Repeated by every Green

“I found he really plays you close – he’s really all over me, even after the whistle” – Mike Emo

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  1. Chris Says:

    Too Funny!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great Job PJ

  3. Scanner Says:

    Chris “McAlpine” McPherson has been a pleasant addition to the Blues squad. Quite a hands-on guy too. Keep up the good work there Tugger.

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